History of Furniture

Assignment Due - Nov.5th
On a 8.5"X11" sheet of paper write a concise (adjective expressing or covering much in few words; brief in form but comprehensive in scope) description of your designated period below.
Print one sheet(each period) for class and email me a word document file.

Ancient Egyptian - Bruce
Ancient Greece - Bruce
Ancient Roman - Bruce

Middle Ages(325-1500) - Tom
~Early Christian

Renaissance - Allison
Baroque(1600-1715) - Allison

French Styles (1715-1789) - Alex
~Lois XV
~Neo Classical
~Louis VXI

French Styles (1804-present) -Justin

Chinese Styles - Katrina(copy from blog if you wish)
Hispanic Styles - Katrina
African Styles - Katrina
Japanese Styles - Katrina

English Styles (1400-1700) - Kat ( double up styles per page)
~Early Georgian
~Queen Anne
English Styles(1700-1810)

American Styles - Colonial America (1600-1845) - Sophie (double up pages)

Victorian Era - (1840-1920) - Amber

Early Modernism (1860-1920) -Michael
~Arts and Crafts

Early modernism (1890-1910) -Lucinda
~Art Nouveau
~Art Deco(1909-1940)

Modern Styles - International Style(turn of century-1950) - Chelsey (up to 5 pages)

Modern Styles - 1960's &1970's- Jay (up to 2 pages)

Typical Layout is as follows.......

Chinese Styles (Ancient - Present)
~Greatly influenced by French Rococo and Neoclassic styles
~Furniture characterized by Chinoiserie surfaces
~Motifs of monkeys, pagodas, and mandarins

left: Lacquered Chinese Chair
right: 19th Century Garden Seat

left: Modern Chinese black lacquered cabinet on stand
right: 18th century Oriental lacquered piece

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