Art 100 - Architecture

Our next area of study will be in Architecture.
Architecture is a large part of Visual Art, we are constantly exposed to it, and interacting with it.
My goal for you is for you to have a basic understanding and apreciation for Architecture.
You will be creating a book/journal with 20 of your favorite buildings.
The book will include sketches, basic information,
and your thoughts on why you like the building.
I will be posting a series of my favorite/famous buildings.
We will have lectures in class where we will be learning basic terminology,
and understanding of Architecture.
here is the first example.... more to come...

American Visions

The Crysler Building, NYC

click here for more info - Crysler Building

Architect William Van Alen designed the Chrysler Building for the motor car company it was named for in the 1920s. The Art Deco building is clad in stainless steel. The decorative themes change with every setback. Corners are graced with replicas of Chrysler hood ornaments and radiator caps.

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