typical furniture layout

Class Assignment - Furniture Specification
Using your furniture plans, start numbering all of your furniture that you will be specifying for your Shipping Container building.
The legend for labeling is as follows..
T=Table (includes dining, conference, end tables, etc.)
(for items like dressers, cabinets, or special circumstances use the first 2-3 letters for these.)
start labeling on the first floor, label on furniture that will be purchased (this does not include built-in or custom pieces), and work your way around the space in an orderly fashion.

I have enclosed a typical layout below...this is very basic. If you would like to do it a different way you may, as long as it is organized and easy to read!

C1 - Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge

Location: Second Floor Office

Quantity: 1

Finish: chrome

Fabric: COM

Dimensions: 32”X 72” X 36”

Manufacturers Information: Design within Reach

C2 – Modern Bergere

Location: First Floor Living Room, Second Floor Master Bedroom

Quantity: 4

Finish: maple / wood

Fabric: Kravet – satin - color: berry

Dimensions: 34” X 32”X 47”

Manufacturers Information: Kravet Contract Furniture

***Also, I have enclosed a blog "Classic Furniture you should know" - Start studying these, a quiz will be given with in the next few weeks.

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