lighting symbols

wall washing

wall mounted sconces

track lighting

ceiling mounted fixture
ceiling mounted pendants

The image below is a great example of a flexible lighting installation.
There is overall/ambient lighting in the ceiling with the use of recessed incandescent lighting.
Task lighting is achieved with under cabinet lighting, and decorative/task lighting with the ceiling mounted fixtures. There is also lots of natural lighting in this well lit kitchen.
Lighting Legend
lighting in elevation


Rebecca Ames said...

Julie- If you have never been to the lightolier tech center you should check it out- would be a great field trip for a class trip. you can check it out online as well but it is better in person.

gym said...

Nice pictures specially track lighting, more information about Track Lighting at VGK Lighting.

Mini said...

Love It...What an enjoyable and interesting read. The lighting looks beautiful....Nice Pictures
Under cabinet Lighting

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