Art 100 - Print Making / Stamps

Please bring to class on Tuesday the 17th of Febuary...

-ink pad (these can be found at local craft stores for a couple of dollars - no need to buy expensive ones)

-non textured paper ( I will have basic copy paper in class - your sketch book paper will be fine)

-2 potatoes - or erasers

-cutting knife/ paring knife / x-acto knife

-a mirror

We will be cutting one or two different stamps.
Be thinking of shapes or symbols that symbolically represent you, and your personality.
You will be creating a self portrait using these symbols/stamps.

grain edit a great graphic website...check it out.


dave said...

Hi Julie,
Its dave from Grain Edit. Thanks for mentioning grain edit on your blog. I grew up in Portland, Maine so I was suprised when I saw the link.

Take care

julie brown-zinchuk said...

No Dave......Thank you for amazing site!!!! I absolutely love it! It is a constant source of inspiration!
Do you miss Portland?