Project 2

Our Class has moved to a new room CAR05....please leave your name in the comments below, so I will know that you got this message.
This is a 3 week project - bring all supplies to work in class!

Chose a piece of Art that you admire; copy or print a minimum size of 8"X10" .
(examples are shown(but not limited to) in a post called Famous Works)

above is one of my favorite pieces by Marc Chagall.

You will recreate the piece in 3 different types of medium
Paint(acrylic or water color)
Cut Paper

Create a grid on your image that is 1"X1"
Create a grid that is 2" X 2" on a 16" X 20 sheet of paper.
One square at a time transfer what you see enlarging it to the 2" block.
using the same grid transfer to size of your choice.
(If you are using water color, use water color paper)

(the fabulous Alex @ Artist and Craftsman Supply donated a bunch of water color paper.)
Cut Paper
you may buy colored paper(not construction paper), or paint your own sheets of paper to cut, or use magazines, or paint chips.

This Project will demonstrate the importance of drawing what you see, and observing the relationships of shapes and forms.

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