Interior Design - how big is......


stand up shower 36"X36" minimum
tub 30"X60" minimum
sink 16" from wall X 18" wide
toilet 27" from wall X 19" wide

dishwasher 24"X24"
cook top 40"X24"
oven 21"X24"
refrigerator - freezer on top -32"X21"
side by side - 36" X33"
side by side counter depth - 72" X24"

washer 27"X30"

closet depth 24"-36" deep
cabinets are dimension increments of 3"
counter depth from wall 24", height is 30"
working counter height 36"-42" transaction height
48" clear space dimension between adjacent counters
18" minimum from under cabinet from counter surface
maximum reaching height over counter to above cabinet 72"max.

mattress sizes
twin 39"X 80"
double 54" X 80"
queen 60" X 80"
king 78" X 80"

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