Interior Architecture AED267

Project 2 - Interior Architecture
Renovation of previous "House of Lights"
165 Waterman Drive
South Portland, Maine

Start Date: March 17, 2008
Completion Date: April 21, 2008

Due Wednesday April 2nd

90% completion of your program

floor plan printed out and ready for review.

bring trace paper to work out RCP, FPP, FF&E

Due for Wednesday march 26, 2008 - continue research and data collection

  • complete all phases of programming as listed in the programming section on this blog.
  • break down of each space complete function, activities, room data table, relationships, etc.
  • Many bubble Diagrams, and Adjacency matrix

Include in your program

  • all information recorded from programming blog
  • existing conditions
  • plan, photos, measurements, etc
  • any info gathered on the Internet re. space
  • basic exterior elevations (see Jay)

Due for Monday March 24, 2008
...address the following

user requirements
activity requirement
space analysis

typed in booklet form not bound.

see the blog on programming.

Before you begin- have a clear understanding of the phases of design, including pre-design.
Record all notes for programming, conceptual, and schematic designs in your sketchbook.

Finish presentation-
concept board
existing conditions plan
program -
bound book form
demolition plan - solid lines indicate all structural wall and walls not to be removed.
dashed/red lines are for those to be removed.
floor plan - all dimensions, all walls poche', show all millwork/case work
RCP-reflected ceiling plan , show all ceiling finishes, heights, and lighting. (no furniture or casework on plan, only dimensions showing light locations) ( add any extra lighting detail in program ie the need for task/table lighting/display lighting etc.)
FPP-floor pattern plan
FF&E - furnishings and equipment plan - show all moveables required to run the business
front elevation-exterior - show style
4 interior elevations
2 mill work/furnishings detail
materials board
- basic materials

Existing Conditions
Living Area
2,290 square feet

Replacement Cost

Year Built

Construction Details
STYLE -Store
Exterior Wall 1-Brick Veneer
Roof Structure-Flat
Roof Cover-Tar & Gravel
Interior Wall 1-Plywood Panel
Interior Floor 1-Ceramic Clay Til
Interior Floor 2-Concr-Finished
Heating Fuel-Oil
Heating Type-Forced Air-Duc
AC Type-Central
Total Baths-2
Ceiling/Wall-SUS-CEIL & WL
Wall Height-10

Google map

building sketch

BAS-First Floor-2290
UST-Utility, Storage, Unfinished-1497
Total livable -2290


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