Technical Illustration

Final Project

Document existing conditions
1. sketch in 2 point perspective existing conditions of building.
2. In elevation locate and document all openings
3. plot and draw a site plan, include all existing conditions
4. document the space as needed, ie. photos, google maps...etc.

A visiting artist studio space/ classrooms on the 1st floor,
and a residential apartment on a newly designed 2nd floor.
( 3rd floor ROOM may be considered)

Things to Consider
1. must maintain existing footprint
2. design a vestibule and entry space
3. amazing views
4. maximum flexibility in space
5. privacy in residential space
6. design style
7. circulation and layout

Great Concept = Great Design

Drawings and Criteria
1. Keep all conceptual work, including sketches, notes and research
2. Hand draw a minimum of one exterior 2 point perspective.
3. Exterior Elevations (all sides)
4. Basic floor plan of first floor studio classrooms,  include basic furniture layout
   ( must include 2 classrooms @ 20ppl, and 2 ADA  restrooms)
5.  Extensive floor plan of residential space including
     full kitchen, full bath, dining space, living space, bedroom, office, storage, and closet
6.  Interior 45 degree paraline drawing of kitchen.
7.  Basic Interior and exterior finishes which will be rendered on drawings.
8.  One point perspective of interior view.

You will be graded on the following...
Quality of hand drawings
Quality of design
Quality of overall presentation
Attitude, attendance, and individual progress
(this post may change, please view often for updates) 
Due Dates to be determined.

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