SMCC Gateway

Richard Morris Hunt (1827-1895), Proposed Design for Central Park Gateway: Gate of Peace, Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Ninth Street, New York City, 1863 Brown ink and wash on paper, 20 1/8 x 26 ¾ in. Print and Drawings Collection, The Octagon, American Architectural Foundation, Washington, D.C.

The Elements at Play 1999,
Brighton Jetty
Gavin with Margaret Worth

Assignment: Design a gateway to SMCC
Drawing Requirements:
Plan view showing landscape features
orthographic projection drawing
one point perspective
two point perspective
hand lettering
shade and shadow
rendering techniques

Format 18"X24" poster

 What is a Gateway?
gate·way (gātwā′)
  1. an entrance as in a wall, fitted with a gate
  2. a means of access
Webster's New World College Dictionary
Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
entry to place


arch, entrance, entry, portal, pylon, toran

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A gateway is a point of entry or exit at which a gate may be hung.

Gates of LSU

St Louis Arch - Eero Sarrinen

The Gateway Arch is a massive stainless steel structure that towers 630 feet above the surrounding landscape. To the east of the Arch is the Mississippi River. Curvilinear, graceful staircases of toned concrete at the north and south ends provide access
to the Arch grounds from the riverfront.

rural ranch gateway

Japanese gateway details

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