Spring 2009 -Interior Architecture Studio 1 - Syllabus AED267
Title: Interior Architecture Studio 1
Catalog Number: AED-267
Credit Hours: 3 (100 level)
Lecture (or Lab):
Instructor: Julie Brown - Zinchuk
Total Contact Hours:
Office Hours: by appointment
E-mail: jbdesign@maine.rr.com

Course Syllabus

Course Description and Objective

This course will introduce the student to the professional world of Interior Design.

Students will have a number of assignments, along with a sketch book to record and document the class information. A final presentation will demonstrate the variety of skills and information that the student has come to understand through out the class. Internet and personal research along with class participation is a major element for success in this class.

Required Materials
Textbook - Interior Design Illustrated by Francis Ching
Course Manual – 9” x 14” hard cover sketch book
Tools –Architectural Scale, “Sharpie” fine point markers, graph paper, and sketch paper, “Prisma Color” colored pencils, and various types of fasteners (glue, tape runner). You will need access to a printer. I will be forwarding information to you through email that will need to be printed out. There will also be other materials needed for you final project; these will be discussed in class.

All assignments and articles will be posted on my blog

Semester Outline

Project 1:
Project 2:
Project 3:Final Project

Your final grade for this course will be based on a combination of the following:
Class Participation / Research (30%) Attendance (20%)
Course Manual / Sketch Book / Final Presentation (50%)

Course Grade: A 93 - 100 A- 90 - 92.9 B+ 87 - 89.9
B 83 - 86.9 B- 80 - 82.9 C+ 77 - 79.9
C 73 - 76.9 C- 70 - 72.9 D+ 67 - 69.9
D 60 - 66.9 F 0 - 59.9

“I” Grades: A temporary grade of “I” may be given when a student has, due to extraordinary circumstances, failed to complete all required course work by the end of the semester. This assumes that the student has made a consistent and persistent effort up to the point the “circumstances” occurred and that MOST course work has been completed. The remaining work must be completed and a new grade submitted by the mid-point of the semester following receipt of the “I” grade. An “I” grade which is not changed during this period automatically becomes an “F”.

Projects/Sketch book (50 points)
You will receive a maximum of 50 points for your course manual (journal, sketch book), and Final Presentation. For these assignments I will be using the following grading criteria:
• Was the assignment submitted on time?
• Was there maximum effort and thought put into the assignment?
• Satisfactory completion of assignment content?
• Has the student fully research and developed an understanding of material?

Class Participation (30 points)
Class participation is mandatory. With open discussions and presentations students will develop and retain a better understanding of the course material

Attendance (20 points)
Attendance Policy
Attendance is critical to your success in this course. More than two consecutive UNEXCUSED absences is reason enough to be dismissed from the course with a course grade of F. If you come into class after attendance has been taken, you will be considered absent for that day. If you don’t contact me as soon as you know you’re going to miss class, or at least by the day of class, it is likely that your absence will be considered unexcused.
Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes. Poor attendance generally results in poor grades. Students having difficulties because of absenteeism should discuss this matter with their instructor and advisor. The faculty member or department chair has authority to establish attendance standards appropriate to their course, which will be included in the course syllabus.
A family emergency or personal illness may cause a student’s extended absence. Students who know that they will be out of class for three or more consecutive sessions must call the office of the Dean of Students to report the extended absence. The dean’s office will notify the faculty of the absence. Upon return to campus, the student is responsible for making arrangements to complete all course requirements at the discretion of the faculty member. In some cases it may not be possible to successfully complete all assigned work.
Students who register for a specific course section but do not attend any of the class meetings during the first three weeks of school will be considered and reported to the College Registrar as no shows. No grade will appear on the student's transcript nor will these courses be counted as credits attempted.

Teacher Evaluation
Students may evaluate the instructor online and anonymously by going to “Resources for Current Students” at the SMCC homepage and choosing “Evaluate Your Courses.”

ADA Syllabus Statement
Southern Maine Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and employer. For more information, please call 207-741-5798.
If you have a disabling condition and wish to request accommodations in order to have reasonable access to the programs and services offered by SMCC, you must register with the disability services coordinator, Mark Krogman, who can be reached at 741-5629 (TTD 207-741-5667).
Further information about services for students with disabilities and the accommodation process is available upon request at this number.

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