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Plan View -
A view from above the building after a horizontal cut has been made 4' above the floor and the top part has been removed.

Interior Elevation -
A view from the front, back or side(wall).

Plan Oblique -
Paraline oblique drawing where parallel lines are projected from the plan at a 45 degree angle.

Freehand Sketching -
Drawing with only pencil and paper without the tools of manual drafting.

great website for drawing guidelines

Architectural Lettering -

Style of hand lettering/writing that is particular and standard to Architectural and Interior Design Drawings.
How to on you tube

Dimension -
Drawing information that gives the size and/or location of elements in plans, elevations, sections and details.

Line Weight -
Primary/Secondary/Rendition. The weight/thickness of the line communicates architectural information.

Line Quality -
Crispness/Blackness/Density. The quality of the line is in its consistency and appropriate line weight.

Scale -Drawings are scaled so that the plan or elevation can be drawn on a standard sheet of paper. Architectural scales are generally given in fractions and Engineering scales are generally given in whole numbers.

reading an architectural scale video

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