interior design - container architecture drawing list and due dates

due for Monday September 22...
all conceptual work in sketch book, which includes concept statement, bubble diagrams, thumbnail sketches.
also due are, floor plans which shall show final count of containers, and basic floor plan.
due for Wednesday September 24...
final floor plans, we will start elevations in class.....
due for Monday October 29.... furniture floor plan, 4 interior elevations, exterior elevation showing layout and stacking sequence of containers.
final project due date October 1st
over all building layout/site plan 1/8=1'-0"
floor plans 1/4"=1'-0"
floor plans with furniture 1/4"=1'-0"
min. 1 exterior elevation 1/4"=1'-0=
min. 4 interior elevations 1/2'=1'-0"
concept / color board (which will show concept sketches and ideas along with thoughts on color, furnishings and materials)

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