Design Firm Research

Project 1
Due Date: Wednesday - Septemeber 10, 2008
Below you will find your assigned design firm-please research the following...
Location of firm
Number of employees
Type of Work
Past projects
Awards or accolades
Include a selection of interior photographs of their work; include your favorite, and state why you like it. Present in color on 11"X17" paper.
Click on your firm below to enter their website. Use other web publications if they are available.

Hirsch Bedner Associates - Jessica B.
Gensler - Sophie B.
Leo A. Daly - Bruce C.
Studios Architecture - Chelsey C.
The Switzer Group - Dominic D.
Epstein Interior Space International - Michael G.
Shepley Bullfinch Richardson and Abbott Architects - Allison G.
Portland Design Team - Lucinda W.
Enviornetics Group LTD. - Alex H
City Spaces Inc. - Katharina H.
Design Forum - Ed K.
ADD, Inc - Rachael L.
Morgan Lovell UK - Justin P.
Ballinger - Katrina R.
Arquitectonica - Jay S.
Bergmeyer Associates Inc. - TBD
Barry Design Associates - Cathryn S.
Stibler Associates - Amber Moody
Salmon Falls Architecture - Tom C.
IA Interior Architects - Celia St.
Interprise - Allysa K., Ed B.

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