Art 151 - Extra Credit Projects

Project #1 - Artist Movement/ Period Research
Choose one of the following to do research on.
Please tell me which you are planning - first come first choice.

Quilts of Gee's Bend
The Harlem Renaissance
Pop Art
Black Mountain College
De Stijl
Grafiti Art
Art Nouveau
Art Deco

Include a brief summary of the movment/period.
choose and write about three artist from this movement/period
include the reasons behind the movement
include a minimum of 3 photos from 3 different artist
papers must be typed, all photos in color.

Project #2 - Artist Research

Josef Albers
Alexander Calder
Raoul Duffy
Tamara Delempicka
R.C Gorman
Pual Gauguin
Keith Haring
David Hockney
Fernand Leger
Alphonse Mucha
Man Ray
John William Waterhouse
Robert Indiana
Andrew Goldsworthy

Research Paper typed - include 6 pieces of work

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