AED266 Intro Interior Design - Color Meaning

Interior Design - AED266

February 13, 2008
Project #3: Color Meaning
Date Due: February 20, 2008 (beginning of class)

Read the blog posted on this site titled color meaning.

Select 3 images-
1. a painting or photograph

2. an interior /one room
3. an object of your choice

Complete a text summary using color vocabulary. Focus on......

-determine the major colors, and color combinations.
-the designers/artist use of color.
-how the use of color affects the end result.
-is there a mood or feeling that results from the colors?

Presentation:Create an 11” X 17” graphic presentation, (1 page).

Include a clear color image of each of the 3 requirements

Using color paint swatches which represent the main colors in the image, place the swatches next to the image.

Prepare a concise explanation on color meaning for each image.

Prepare a short (2min.) oral presentation.
Place the name of the pieces(images) and artist or designers below the image on your presentation.

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