AED266 - Intro to Interior Design - Color

Interior Design - AED266 February 6, 2008

Project #2: Color Study

Date Due: February 13, 2008 (beginning of class)

Chose an image, painting, or photograph; using paint swatches complete a color study by pulling colors from your image. Complete a text summary using color vocabulary of your project.

Focus on:

- Color dominance - what color or colors dominate the image?

- Create a color scale(using paint swatches) of the 3 primary colors found in you image.
(ex. Lets take red for instance…..find the darkest red – match it with a paint swatch……then find 4 additional reds going down the scale in value dark to light).
(the image below represents color scale)

- Color combinations – what are the Complimentary schemes in the image? define the Analogous, and Tertiary schemes? (use paint swatches)

Create an 11” X 17” graphic presentation, on paper that is heavier than regular copy paper (ex. Water color paper, mat board, etc.) (1 page).

Prepare a short (5min.) oral presentation

place the name of the piece(image) and artist below the image on your presentation.
print and read the link below.......


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